Legal Warning

  1. Company Information
    According with article 10, of Law 34/2002, from July 11th, of the Services from the Electronic Commerce and Information for the Society, the following information included is as follows:

    Concept Data
    TRADE MARK NAME Desgloba
    SOCIAL DENOMINATION Luidago Asesores Internacionales, S.L.
    CIF B-54128475
    SOCIAL ADDRESS Pje. Dr. Bartual Moret, nº 5 – Entlo. D
    46010 Valencia
    TELEPHONE (+ 34) 963 38 17 17
    DATA OF THE INSCRIPTION IN THE MERCANTIL REGISTRY Luidago Asesores Internacionales, S.L. (, company with Limited Responsibility based in Valencia.

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  3. Others
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    2. Luidago Asesores Internacionales, S.L., compromises NOT TO PUBLISH DECEIVING INFORMATION in this web site.

       Formal or numeric mistakes which could be found in all different sections of the Web of Luidago Asesores Internacionales, S.L., will not be treated as deceiving information. The compromise of making corrections when these mistakes are known is done by Luidago Asesores Internacionales, S.L.

    3. Luidago Asesores Internacionales, S.L. compromises NOT TO SEND COMMERCIAL INFORMATION WITHOUT IDENTIFYING AS SUCH, according with the Law 34/2002.

       All information send to Luidago Asesores International's S.L. clients, will not be considered as such commercial information, if the finality is to maintain the relationship establish between companies.

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