DESGLOBA BUSINESS advises and assists Spanish companies in locating, developing and executing international business opportunities, especially those in Asian markets, such China, Vietnam and India.

We provide a host of services to our clients, including:

 » Analyzing available foreign suppliers, assisting in selecting the suppliers that best fit the needs of our clients and facilitating those relationships.

 » Creating and organizing commercial agendas and arranging client visits to exhibitions and factories.

 » Managing the supplier relationship, from start to finish, including tasks such as: delivering samples, making orders, arranging shipping, transportation, payment methods and goods insurance and establishing quality control mechanisms.

 » Conducting follow up on the commercial relationship between our clients and their foreign suppliers.

 » Providing specialized legal advice that assists clients in protecting their intellectual property rights, opening offices in foreign countries, complying with foreign regulatory requirements, etc.

 » Conducting and providing our clients with personalized market analyses.

 » Advising clients on marketing strategies, such as how to build their international brand images.

 » Introducing Spanish products into foreign markets, especially the thriving Asian market.